Professional-Liability-Insurance Professional Liability Insurance


When you operate a business that brings employees, contractors, clients, and customers on the property you put yourself at risk for liability issues.  Because of this it is important to have quality Liability Insurance to protect your business should you ever be hit with a liability claim.

What Is Liability Insurance Used For? – Liability Insurance is for professionals who perform a service that could result in liability claims.  Doctors, Dentist, Consultants, Lawyers, and anyone else who works in a liability field can receive coverage.

What Does Liability Insurance Cover? – Professional Liability Insurance covers a professional should they ever be accused of causing harm while performing their job for another person.  Doctors and dentists, for example, may be hit with a medical malpractice claim if a patient feels they received more harm than good from a procedure.  Liability Insurance would help protect the doctor or dentist and can pay legal fees and more to help with the case.  This is why Professional Liability coverage is so important for many businesses.

If you are in need of Professional Liability Insurance, Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance can help.  We can usually get you coverage in one to two business days.  For more information about Professional Liability Insurance contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information.