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Your home is probably your most valuable asset, so it is imperative that your home is covered with comprehensive Homeowners Insurance.  Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance offers competitive rates from trusted insurance providers.  Whether you need insurance for a house, condo, apartment, or investment property we can get you great rates on coverage.

Coverage for the Structure of Your Home – Among the most common concerns to homeowners is that their home may suffer damage to the structure, electrical, plumbing, or heating.  We can get you a great quote for coverage of all of the buildings on your property should they ever suffer damage due to fire, water, severe weather, and more.

Coverage for Your Belongings – Along with wanting to protect the structure of your home, you most certainly want to protect your home’s contents as well.  Home Insurance can cover you in the event of fire damage, water damage, theft, and more.  With quality home insurance you can protect everything from priceless heirlooms, to electronics, to basic necessities such as clothing.

Liability Coverage – Homeowners Insurance can also cover liability on your property.  Should any guests, whether invited or unwanted, ever become injured on your property you will want to be covered for their medical expenses or legal disputes.  This coverage is especially necessary for homes with swimming pools or ponds, and even those with family pets.

Let the experts at Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance help you get quality Homeowners Insurance at a great price.  Our friendly staff is ready to answer all of your questions and to help you get the best coverage and rates for you.  Contact us today about Homeowners Insurance.