Commercial-Insurance Commercial Insurance


Whether you own a home based business, are a contractor, or have a storefront, you need quality Commercial Insurance.  A good insurance agent can save you both time and money, and will offer you the ideal coverage for your specific type of business.  Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance offers trusted brands and competitive offers.

Storefronts – When you own a restaurant or storefront, you need extensive insurance coverage to make sure that your business is covered for everything from theft, to fire and water damage, to liability claims.  Luckily, the team at Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance can help you figure out what kind of coverage is right for your business.

Contractors – Even if you don’t have a storefront or an office to cover, you still need to make sure that your employees are safe on a work site and that your work site is covered in case of liability.  We can help you find the perfect coverage for your business at a great rate.

Home Based Businesses – Just because your home is covered by Homeowners Insurance doesn’t mean that your home based business is covered as well.  Even when you work from home you need to consider liability coverage as well as coverage for your work equipment and any products that you sell.  Though you may not need as much coverage as a storefront or a contractor, it is still important to have the right coverage for your home based business.

Insuring your business doesn’t have to be tricky.  Henry D. Bean & Sons Insurance offers a variety of Commercial Insurance options to protect your business.  Contact our friendly staff today to learn more about our trusted insurance providers and our great low rates.